Gates is World’s Most Spammed Person

We can’t say we’re terribly shocked to hear the news, courtesy of Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer, that Bill Gates receives some four million e-mails a day and is most likely the most spammed person in the world. While speaking at a Microsoft-sponsored Asia Leadership Forum in Singapore, Ballmer stated, “There are two people who probably are the number one spam recipients in the world.” Ballmer then proceeded to cite himself

Aging Young Rebel

“I don’t believe this! This isn’t happening. I’m dreaming, wake me up! Are you even serious?” “I think it’s worth a try, at least until you’re finally able to…” “To recognize the right choice, the only choice.” I’ve always been impulsive and impetuous, but this is more like a commitment, it’s an important decision, and it scares me, but it also entices me to leap, as if this was a bungee jump. But I would

Women Can’t Rape?

Your chances of being raped by a woman are zero. Mentioned here on BackWash during The Collective Bias Male / Female debate, this statement has stuck with me. Are the chances of being raped by a woman truly zero? Are we including any and all varieties of rape? Do we only refer to a man being raped by a woman – or do we also include a woman raping another woman. Is this possible? If

Have you seen the recent Supreme Court decision?

I suppose it’s not really surprising. After all, it’s not like you’d expect state’s rights to be upheld over the right of the Federal Government to regulate trade, right? Marijuana is currently classified as a Schedule I drug. Meaning that it has no medical or any other benefits. Unlike, apparently, cocaine, which is Schedule II, meaning a doctor can prescribe it. Kind of like Viagra and Prozac, eh? Too bad pot doesn’t

An Actual Semenax Examine From Happy End users

It not confusing why men that are receiving sexual problems including low ejaculation volume would obscure their problem although looking for a permanent solution. They seek the internet for means to help them recover their dropped virility and prove at last that they’re even now exactly the same guys these people were several years ago. Hence and a lot more, ejaculate enhancing products have already been formulated. Why don’t we start

Homosexuality Was Withdrawn As A Mental Disorder In 1973

I spy two very homophobic men. Homosexual behavior is normal, its no different than my behavior with women. To say that your sexuality is such a defining factor is to say others should give a shit, they shouldn’t. Who cares what they do, as long as they pay taxes and contribute to society. P.S. pulling out is considered a deviant behavior according to the bible, and don’t tell me you never gave

What Men Can Do

We work with men every day, just like other women. Sometimes we talk about our interests and goals, and sometimes we mention that we are feminists or that we are committed to helping women overcome some of the barriers that are still in the way of their progress. Maybe we mention our women’s email lists or our woman-oriented Web sites. There are many reactions to hearing these sentiments, and we’ve heard them

The Dosimetry Symposium was intended as an opportunity for practitioners of dosimetry to get together and exchange ideas.

The discussion following this presentation centered on issues around how much field sizes will change now that they are moving towards using a CT/SIM for these patients. They are concerned about a risk of “over shielding” as more information becomes available and the temptation to include non-clinically relevant shielding will appear. They are concerned that with the introduction of AcQSim CT simulator, there will be issues concerning connectivity between the different

A leading cancer surgeon said today a pioneering cancer detection study shows so much promise, efforts are underway to expand it to regional cancer centres.

Dr. Noelle Davis told a noontime seminar at CCSI the Sentinel Lymph Node study used radioactive dye to show where cancer tumors are draining. In some cases, this technique discovered cancers which would have gone undetected by traditional means. It is hoped this will lead to more accurate determination of secondary cancer sites and improved patient outcomes. The dye tested in the study has now been released for general use by Health and

BCCA Lung Cancer Prevention Study

Kelowna, April 14 (Daily Courier) – Being diagnosed with cancer is among the scariest experiences for a person, but it’s a little more frightening in the rest of Canada than in B.C. Annual statistics released Thursday by the Canadian Cancer Society show B.C. has the lowest death rate from cancer of any province. While the incidence of cancer in B.C., 450 cases per 100,000 for men and 325 per 100,000 for women, is