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“Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands and then eat just one of the pieces” Judith Viorst. You know, this whole Vibewire blog thing is harder than I thought. Remember that episode of “The Simpsons” where Homer becomes obsessed with going to Krusty’s Klown Kollege? He keeps veering off into daydreams of big pants and cartwheels, while this circus-y “Do, do-do, do-do, do-do…do,

Todays entry

Even though I’m still stricken with the cold that Mrs. Snowman has so thoughtfully given to me, today I had no option but to venture out into the cold air of mid-morning to do some shopping. As the wife has the day off, I was press ganged into performing this task so that she could have an extra couple of hours in bed to perfect her snoring technique. Needless to say I got

Day 27

“I can increase the size of your penis” Please don’t think for a moment this is a legitimate offer from me to you but it’s the proposal I found in my e-mails this morning. Several others including “We can help you lose weight now”, “I’ll give you my secrets to become an Internet millionaire” and “Our natural Viagra pills will keep you hard all night” accompanied it. Now, you’ll have to believe

Todays entry

Today has been quite relaxing. The first reason for this was that the current Mrs. Snowman took Small Child and Surrogate Daughter to a “Car Boot Sale”. I believe in America they’re called “Swap Meets” whilst in other parts of the World they’re simply known as “Selling Junk”. I’ve never really understood these things. From what I can gather, people drive to a field, set up a wallpaper pasting table, cover it with all the

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Istream::good() in a dll

Hi all, we are trying to port a fairly large c++ library to windows using Visual Studio.net 2003, and are running into some unexpected problems with the stream handling. Since our development is more or less Unix-based, I am afraid I am quite a novice to all Windows – specific stuff, so please excuse my naive terminology. In our library, we have a string handling class, which contains the following piece of code: inline std::istream& String::getline(std::istream& s, char delimiter) throw() { static

Day 27

Yesterday I told you about my attempts to organise a host for the new web site but that was really just the tip of an iceberg that drifted into today as well. After registering a name and locating a host I now had to build a site. As my artistic creativity extends no further than sculpting mashed potato into shapes that look like women’s breasts on my dinner plate, I’m not entirely

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Stop talking u fools. christ. limp bizkit suck because they have no talent. u get signed based on “the kids” probably liking your image, or because u r just that fucking good. getting signed is about the paper chase- will u make shite music but make money? SIGNED. will u make great music but make a loss? BUGGER OFF. u dont realise this yet because u r children. No. You don’t get

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Last year’s Good Vibrations Festival was a highlight of the summer party season and consequently I was determined not to miss it this year, despite the fact that I was away in Perth. While summer festivals are all about playing silly games with friends and I was disappointed to be attending without many of them I was lucky enough to have a quality little posse of people who happened to be

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I wasn’t really expecting any The Bird-ness, just a Ben Walsh and an array of beats to make your heart rate irregular. But the first set consisted of Ben Walsh with a drum kit, and Bobby Singh on the tabla, the traditional Indian set of drums. Which just made me think that I’d come to the wrong gig, really. The opening was certainly completely unexpected… what followed in Candy’s Apartment that

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I haven’t done rant on celebrities in ages and let’s face it, it’s my god given talent to bring to the public consciousness the weirdness of the celebrity lifestyle. Plus the personalities who lead them. So I thought I’d start off on my favourite target for deconstruction, Tom Cruise. How can I not talk about him? When he and fresh faced girlfriend, Katie Holmes are on every freak’n headline and TV show – gushing and cooeeing and talking

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